Thai Hot Pot Barbecue

Thai Hot Pot Barbecue

Moo Kata is so to speak a Thai barbecue. In Thailand there were the first Moo Kata stores in Chiang Mai, where there is also the currently biggest restaurant with over 2000 seats. Originally Moo Kata comes from Korea, but was a little bit changed from the Korean version.

Where can I find a Moo Kata and what does it cost?

Moo Kata is such a popular dinner that you can find it in almost every city in Thailand. But it has also spread to surrounding countries like Laos, Cambodia or Malaysia. Especially among the Thais it is very popular. You will also meet tourists at the Moo Kata from time to time, but still rarely, because many people don’t know the Thai All You Can Eat Barbecue.

The restaurants often call themselves Thai BBQ Buffet, Thai Hot Pot BBQ or similar. In most cases, the price is already printed on the sign. The prices vary from 129 to 199 Baht per person, which is still very reasonable for an All You Can Eat Buffet.

How does the moo kata eating work?

First you find a table on which the hot coal is put into the clay jug. Also your table grill is placed there and you can order something to drink. The drinking costs extra, so you have to add this to the price of the Moo Kata.

After that you can start. Now you will find a large selection of vegetables, meat, seafood or sometimes other ready meals like fried rice, noodles, salads etc. This depends of course on what the Moo Kata restaurant offers. There is no standard.

You then place the whole thing on small plates which you take to your table to cook it yourself in the table grill or grill it naturally. Take as much as you like, but do not overfill the plates.

You can always get more later. But if you end up with too much left over, then many restaurants have a kind of “punishment” where you have to pay for the leftovers.

You should also prepare a tasty sauce with the meat. You can usually get the ingredients at the buffet. If you are travelling with Thais, it is best to ask them to help you with the sauce or to prepare it for you. Then it tastes best!

Then you can prepare everything. The vegetables are cooked in the hot broth in the soup trough. Seafood, fish, noodles, mushrooms etc. can also be cooked there. The meat is of course put on the grill. Should the fire weaken after a while, you can let the local staff know and new charcoal will be added. You can always add water for the soup.

At the end of the meal, there is usually fruit and ice cream to enjoy as dessert. There is actually still room for that.

For vegetarians Moo Kata might not be the right food. There are also lots of vegetables, but basically the Thai Hot Pot Barbecue is already a very meaty meal. We can only recommend to try it, because it is always a highlight!

By the way, you can also buy a Moo Kata Grill in Germany. So you can take the delicious barbecue home and make it yourself with all the ingredients you want to use.

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