Electronic cigarette: how to use

Electronic cigarette: how to use

The vaporizers may be a novelty in Brazil, but out there, they have already conquered a good part of the public, even helping many people to drop the conventional cigarette. The new way of smoking does not release stinky fumes, does not leave bad breath, does not force you to smoke a whole cigarette, does not leave that bad smell on clothes and, the best, considerably reduces the damage to health. After all, how to use electronic cigarette?

Looking at all these points, the V seem to be an excellent alternative to traditional smokers and a much more pleasurable way to have a few drinks, you agree? However, it is always good to understand well how works this world of electronic cigarettes and, specially, to be connected on the main factors that differentiate them from conventional tobacco.

First of all, electronic cigarette is okay?

Let’s take it easy! After all, this is always the first doubt that comes into the mind of the smoker, but it is good to understand some essential factors. First of all, know that the act of smoking will always bring risks to our health. However, undoubtedly, electronic cigarettes reduce the damage and you can’t even compare to conventional paper cigarettes – with gunpowder – and tobacco.

Another interesting move is that the juices (e-liquid), that is, the liquid substance that produces the vapors inside the electronic cigarette, many of them do not contain nicotine, which is the main cause of dependence.

Apart from that, it is worth adding that you eliminate the paper and the carburation of tobacco, also very harmful to the organism. Finally, in terms of comparison, a conventional cigarette has, on average, more than 4 thousand substances in its composition, while the juices count, at most, 4.

In other words, it is not that electronic cigarettes do not harm health, but the fact is that they reduce these risks in a brutal way and, between us, with taste and more style.

And what are the risks of the electronic cigarette?

There are still no concrete and ample studies on the real dangers of the electronic cigarette. On the other hand, scientists and specialists believe that the prolonged use of the substance can generate problems to the lungs, stomach and bladder, as well as any other ingested with exaggeration.

In a laboratory test conducted by Public Health England (PHE), researchers placed two containers of cotton and deposited the conventional cigarette smoke and steam from the electronic cigarette in each. The result was that, in a short time, the glass that received the substances by combustion was dark, dirty and sticky, while the second did not differ much from the original aspect.

The truth is that it is still early for the scientific community to point out the real risks of the electronic cigarette, which nobody denies does not exist. Moreover, it is worth pointing out that, almost always, when harm to health is associated with the V, the use of nicotine in juices is also considered, which is not an obligation. It is possible to vaporize without this malefic substance and, with this, the risks become even smaller.

At last, the polemics, based suggestions and the own pressure of the tobacco industry seem to be much bigger in this moment than any real maleficent.

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