Men’s Clothing

Summer’s in full swing. Air-conditioners are working hard in offices, and sales of soft drinks and ice creams are increasing in shops. And the higher the thermometer pole crawls, the less power you have to think about what to wear. So that you don’t have to compromise between “beautiful” and “comfortable” even on the hottest day, we have thought everything through for you and found great solutions.

When the asphalt starts to melt, it seems that the easiest way to get dressed is to jump into linen trousers and pull on a white T-shirt. But don’t. Unfortunately, in summer it’s easy to make mistakes: perforated shoes and sandals, beach shorts, Hawaiian shirts – the list of things that are completely undeservedly in the city wardrobe of a modern man can go on.

What can we do? After all, the same Italians or French living on the south coast somehow manage to always stay elegant without sweating and wearing what they look beautiful in.

Sometimes, in Russia, the heat is worse than on the Mediterranean coast – at the time, like the Spaniards, to arrange a siesta to lazily lie at home on the couch, rather than working to the seventh sweat in the literal sense of the expression.

But we do not have siesta, but the opportunity to dress in the weather, but do not lose male charm and elegance, yet there is. What to wear in the heat?

Natural Fabrics

We won’t open America if we say that summer clothes should be made of light natural fabrics. The most comfortable material for hot weather is cotton: it absorbs moisture perfectly, breathes, is pleasant to wear, does not require any special care, is easy to wash and iron.

Cotton is nicer than flax, sometimes it looks more noble, and its clothes are quite cool even in high heat. But here’s a problem: flax quickly and quite strongly wrinkles. So either start every morning with an iron in hand or hand it to his wife, or choose mixed fabrics from cotton and linen fibers.

And really beautiful in the summer heat madrassa and sirkaser. For these fabrics, I must say thank you to the Hindus: they were the first to sew clothes in which you can survive even the hell heat. Thanks to the special weaving of threads, madrassa and sirkaser are very soft, light, breathable and hygroscopic.

The first is traditionally plaid, the second is striped. Both of them are sewn and worn perfectly as shirts, jackets and trousers.


Some sincerely believe that men’s feet should remain hidden from prying eyes all year round, unless they walk on the hot sand of the coast or kick the ball on the green field.

However, “short pants” deserve their place in the sun, in the most direct sense. Otherwise, wearing them would not be prescribed by the fashion rules of the Ivy League, which includes eight major universities in the United States.

Of course, no matter how democratic and creative he is, it is not worth coming to the office in shorts. But for city walks in a competently combined ensemble they are quite suitable: certainly with sockless shoes – slips, top-siders, sneakers, loafers. Upstairs – T-shirt, shirt, including denim, polo: here shorts provide greater freedom of choice.

And even a jacket with them now is not so exotic – the combination, of course, is risky, but with certain skills and knowledge is quite acceptable and interesting. Try to combine light chino shorts with a light unlined jacket and loafers – and you’ll learn that even in shorts can look a little formal, conquer the hearts of ladies and earn respect from other men.

When wearing denim shorts, remember that the things from the denim on you should not be more than one, that is, only themselves. If you like kargo shorts, choose models with small pockets, and options with huge “bags” on the sides put aside for camping and alloys. How long should the shorts be? Not above the middle of the thigh and not below the knee.

Chinos Bruki

Perfect option for hot days. Depending on what you’re wearing them with, they can be part of a suit for a business meeting or office workday, as well as comfortable, bright clothes for leisure, dating and meeting with friends.

They are usually made of their cotton, often with a small addition of synthetics to give them elasticity. Chinos has side pockets and one or two back pockets. The colour range of the chinos is now very extensive.

It’s almost every conceivable and unimaginable colour: it all depends on your style and your courage. And, of course, it depends on what you’re wearing these pants with. It can be an olive or blue model, or it can be a bright red or emerald version, and to it a white polo shirt or dark blue sports jacket or blazer.

Unlined Jacket

If the furnishings and dress code require you to wear a jacket of any kind, get a jacket of Neapolitan cut. It is made of light fabrics, has minimal or no lining, has smooth lines and soft silhouette and is devoid of any hard parts such as shoulder pads.

The fact that it was invented by the Neapolitans says a lot: the hot and humid Mediterranean climate requires a special approach to wardrobe, and it would be strange if the Italians did not find a way to stay elegant without neglecting the classical traditions.

Bonbon Shirt

Chambray is a great fabric for the summer. It looks a lot like denim, but it is another material, also made of cotton. Thanks to the special weaving of threads, chambray is lighter than jeans.

It allows you to create interesting combinations in the style of cezual and even smart cezual, it can be worn with jeans (only choose contrasting colors), with shorts and pants chinos.

If you wish, such a shirt can be worn under the jacket, which then, on the evening promenade, is allowed to drop or, slightly rose cool breeze, gallantly throw on the shoulders of a young lady.

Fabric Shoes

When wearing short pants and shorts or wrapping jeans, you should give up socks. Most summer shoes are worn without them, but it is more comfortable and easier to wear something cloth.

These can be topsides, slips and slippers, espadrilles and sneakers. Less likely to rub your feet, more pleasant feeling, skin breathes better and therefore less need for sprays, talcum powder and invisible socks.

If the position requires you to wear more formal shoes, the leather oxfords can be replaced with suede brogues for the summer. This will allow you to stay within the office style, without giving up the suit, but feel more free and comfortable when the thermometer pole inexorably tends to the mark of 30 degrees.