Business casual: strict style options for men

Business casual: strict style options for men

Business cabal is a dress code that men face everywhere, but what does it mean?

Modern style, lightweight, comfortable, relaxed, and at the same time fashionable, and strict, this is how one can characterize Business casual in one sentence. It is a kind of dress code, which every strong sex chooses for themselves.

A man refuses a business suit and jeans, changes them to the style of severity and ease. This will not happen immediately and not everyone, but feeling the taste of freedom will not want to go back to the uncomfortable three, the same type of pants and jackets.

But this does not mean that you should give up trousers and jackets at all, not at all, in the wardrobe are pants and jackets and shirts, you just need to learn how to combine and combine them correctly, and acquire the right things.

Obviously, this is just a general recommendation, but in order to master the business appeal, you must adapt to your specific clothing culture of the company. In addition, your age is important, because the older you are, the more formal your casual outfit can be.

What’s in the male image of the Business Cajual

Cajual business has no strict restrictions on color, but the criteria for drawing are present. Still, this is not a sports direction, there is a certain set of things that make up the everyday male images of Business casual.

The men’s wardrobe Business casual includes:

  • Shirts and sweaters of different colors, it is possible with ornaments, it will be inadmissible to draw with beach umbrellas, a sweater with deer, etc..
  • Pants or pants, jeans are not included in this category. It is preferable to choose low width models that do not require smoothing arrows, different colors, from black to light brown, bright blue and white.
  • Jacket and blazer in tweet or corduroy fabric.
  • Elegant shoes in which it is very comfortable, the middle variant between classic and moccasins.
  • Stylish bags, gloves, glasses, will perfectly complement the image. Also no one cancelled ties, scarves and wristwatches.

Using the recommendations of specialists, correlating them with the culture of your company, as well as taking into account your preferences, you can create an ideal image in the style of Business Cajual. It assumes a professional, business look where you can use more free and relaxed elements of clothing, but do not bend over.

In the masculine style of Business casual, the most important thing is the right combination of basic items of clothing from your wardrobe.

Blazer or sports coat

The blazer is an integral part of the business wardrobe. It is better to have two such outfits, a dark blue coat for everyday wear, and light brown, beige, gray or plaid. Simplicity of cut and severity of style, without shining gloss of buttons and buttons, it is better to choose dark tones, they will be better combined with other things from the wardrobe.

The Oxford shirt is the best alternative to the classic…

Classic shirts are shapeless, they do not fit the style of Business casual. Give preference to Oxford fitted shirts or long-sleeved shirts (unless important negotiations are on the schedule).

As for the colours, priority is given to white, light blue and soft pink and you can quickly add a tie and go to a meeting with your partners. It is better to have in your wardrobe a few shirts, for example, lilac, blue in stripes, light pastel shades, and they must be made of natural fabric.

Picking up pants for the business casual dress code.

An excellent choice of trousers in charcoal, dark blue or sandy shades, or better yet, if you have more than one trouser, so you can compose different looks every day. Ideal for a business man are pants of Chinos, khaki and corduroy.

When choosing trousers at once exclude options with arrows and jeans, everything else is yours, but to the extent reasonable. Pants should sit perfectly, do not sag and do not tighten much, this is the middle of the business.

Jumpers and cardigans Business casual

An obligatory attribute in the men’s wardrobe Business casual is a jumper. Ideal with and without buttons, with a V-shaped and round neck, under the throat for a cool season. The sweater warms up and fits perfectly with the shirt, jacket, cardigan and coat.

Accessories for business dress code

Accessories are a great way to express yourself. There shouldn’t be too many accessories, each should be combined with a piece of clothing. Wristwatches will enhance the status and add elegance to the image, you can use cufflinks to slightly dilute the uniformity.

In this case, the accessories themselves should not stand out from the general style, so to speak, do not focus on themselves. For example, a brown leather strap will look great with dark blue pants and a white shirt.

Slim, comfortable and elegant shoes

In the men’s wardrobe Business casual should be present brown shades of shoes, and it is not discussed. They fit perfectly with the chosen white shirt, blue pants and brown belt.

You should choose the right color accents, buy shoes, belt and preferably a briefcase in the same tone. As for style, stop with the classics, no moccasins or sneakers.

A must-have quality shoes, made of genuine leather, suede. You can buy classic oxfords, mochas or brown leather brogues.

Trendy modern Business casual bag

Take a bag that conveniently holds an A-4 paper folder or a 15 to 17-inch laptop. This is the shape that suits men’s bags to business casual style.

Pay attention to stylish men’s briefcases, men’s bags for the city, bags for laptops and documents. Of course, leather accessories are preferable, they look expensive and last longer.