Business style clothes for women

Business style clothes for women

The business dress code is subtle. This isn’t gonna be the “I see it” story. It’s just clear rules! But there’s a big plus. Going to a business meeting, there’s a complete understanding of what to look like.

Psychologists assure that even before the start of a speech or negotiations you can place your opponents or future partners. According to specialists’ observations, it is often the appearance that becomes the decisive factor. Therefore, the first rule: well-groomed face, neat hair and manicure, expensive shoes and proper clothes.

But remember what is appropriate at a business breakfast is not suitable for a meeting of the official delegation. Therefore, you can conditionally divide the business style into several groups:

  • Official Business .
  • Modern Business
  • Business Casual

Types of business style

Official Business Style

Perhaps the strictest and most conservative. It is most often a dress code for employees of banks, law firms and insurance companies. He doesn’t tolerate any frivolities. It’s designed for ordinary employees, so it complies with a number of rules.

  • It has to be a suit. There are many variations: trouser, skirt or dress. But there must be a jacket on top of it.
  • The material is wool.
  • Color – dark monochrome: black, blue, gray or brown.
  • Cut the pants straight.
  • No short sleeve even if it’s +35 outside the window.
  • If you choose a shirt, it should be white, hid in the manner of a man’s shirt.
  • No mini or maxi. Dress and skirt of classic length: to the knee. Some companies allow length to the middle of the ankle. And there are companies where the dress code is strictly prescribed and for freedom can easily be fined. So, before you buy clothes, specify all the nuances
  • Forget about shiny lycra tights and tights with a pattern, only body matt.
  • Classic black or dark blue shoes, in medium heel.
  • Make up as natural as possible: you can tint your eyelashes, apply barely noticeable lipstick, or better yet, a delicate shine.
  • Hairstyle: tail, low bundle, rack, shell.
  • Manicure: Frenchy base. No strasses, no drawings, no incredible length and no fancy shapes.

Perfect decoration – earrings – carnations or pussets.

Modern Business

It’s also called the management style. Clothes for executives and large corporations. And it goes without saying that there are more liberties than their employees. Of course, it’s still a discreet, but already interesting and memorable image. It should first of all emphasize your status.

If you’re not a manager yet, you’ll still have to take note of this option. This style is quite appropriate for conferences, exhibitions, business meetings.

  • Here you can already play with the color of the suit. The fabric can be wine, emerald or beige. Let’s say a pattern: a cage or a stripe.
  • You can make a suit to order from expensive material and thus emphasize your individuality.
  • You can afford a vest or jacket. Stylish option, a suit of three!
  • It is better not to experiment with the length of skirts and dresses. Not above the knee, not below the middle of the ankle.
  • Shirts and blouses can be fitted with not only cotton, but also silk.
  • And, of course, if you’re hot, let yourself be short sleeves.
  • Manicure and make-up à la carte. But if you own a beauty salon, you can afford something more interesting.
  • The hair is at your discretion. But if your hair is loose, it should be neat and stylish.
  • The heel must have. From 3 centimeters and above
  • Brighter and more massive jewelry is acceptable than the official business style.

Business Casual

It is already an informal story: visiting restaurants, cafes and business meetings in a narrow circle of partners. This style is used by many girls in everyday life. Do you think there will be jeans and romantic dresses now? No! Still the same costume, but there’s more freedom here.

First of all, a suit can be not only wool, but also tweed, corduroy, linen or jersey.

  • The shape of the trousers can be clichés, slim, fitted, shortened…
  • The color scheme is entirely according to your wishes.
  • Skirts and dresses can be YOUR knees
  • And in addition, lace blouse, body, silk tops…
  • If it’s a summer job, don’t hesitate to wear a short-sleeve shirt or blouse.
  • But the matte tights, like the suit, are unchanged even at +30.
  • In the business casual format you can let loose your hair, do fashionable styling, curl up your curls.
  • Add interesting accessories to your image: a neck scarf, bright brooch or earrings.
  • Makeup is still preferable to natural: no red lips and no smoky eyes.

How to choose the right costume by type of figure

If you don’t think the suit suits you, then you just haven’t seen the right style.


Long jackets and classic pants with arrows will help girls with the type of figure “circle” visually stretch the figure. Pick up shoes with 5-7 centimeters of heel. It’s best if the pants only cover the heel to the middle.

If the situation allows you to choose the design of the costume, it should definitely be a small vertical or diagonal stripe.