Sports style: Spring-summer trends

Sports style: Spring-summer trends

The pursuit of the ideal of beauty is almost genetic. Ideals change from time to time and in order to be a style icon, no longer need to sacrifice comfort.

Bright examples of this can be considered styles of casual, sports and sports chic, in which even women’s sports suits look stylish and feminine. Each of these styles has its own “zest”, special charm and what girls and women like it for.

And also in any of these fashionable bows can feel absolutely comfortable, of course, provided that the clothes are selected correctly: the size and in accordance with the features of the figure.

Street Style

Cajual is fashionable. This direction is not in vain loved by many ladies, it is unusually versatile, allows a full measure of creativity, combining a completely different stylistic trends, like sports and classics.

For example, it is possible to put on a multi-layered summer skirt and add sneakers or espadrills to the outfit. Such a combination looks especially stylish if you dress up in a jacket from the costume of Selena long, as its lace decor gives an image of femininity.

Or you can create a “street” image of sports trousers and blouses of free cut, shoes to all this “sneakers. By the way, black pants from the same model of sportswear perfectly combine not only with a jacket from the set, but also with any blouse, shirt or shirt. In short, the opportunities for fantasy are unusually wide.

This year, coral color will be especially relevant for Casual. It is moderately saturated, but not flashy, in addition, it fits perfectly with dark or light shades and is suitable for girls of all types of appearance.

Any woman of the fair will feel like a queen in such clothes. And since Cajual offers a mix not compatible, why not choose sportswear with an unusual floral print, dressed up in a sports suit of Nancy or Simone.

Street style is getting more and more pronounced sports slope. This is due to the total popularization of this trend of fashion and sport, as such. Lifestyle, physical activity and everything associated with it is now considered interesting, and therefore in demand.

Athletic Style

Sport is stylish. If earlier sports suits were no more than convenient sets used for training, today they are a full part of women’s wardrobe.

A variety of styles, colors and options for decoration allows you to choose for each girl or woman what will suit her taste and will best emphasize the advantages of appearance. And also in a sports suit is very comfortable, so it is a great solution for everyday fashionable bow or a trip to the country, a walk or a vacation.

This year in a sports direction the black and white classics and clothes of bright, juicy shades are actual. With the onset of spring, and after it and summer, many women want to transform, become brighter, more noticeable and perhaps even more shocking.

Why not? For example, the Daily Blues tracksuit is a classic black and white combination, slightly “diluted” with delicate lace print in the form of pink and blue, pastel colors. It is suitable for sports shoes or casual shoes of almost any shade.

The choice of accessories is also not limited: city backpack or small lady’s handbag, or even a voluminous, bag-shaped bag will look equally stylish in such a fashionable bow. Classic jewellery and daring versions of plastic, metal or glass costume jewellery are equally well suited to a sports suit.

Sport Schic

Initially, Sport Shik style was considered one of the variants of sports direction. But, over time, it stood out, becoming a self-contained fashion trend. It allows you to combine comfort and beauty, combining the convenience of sportswear and brightness with chic, inherent in the style of Cajual.

The basis of fashionable Sport chic bows is a sporty style with a light touch of glamour. This emphasizes femininity and gives the images some playfulness with notes of flirting.

For the spring-summer season, Athena’s white model of delicate blue shade will be perfect. Especially elegant is the white lace, floral print. The combination of such a decor with a sporty style is quite a creative solution, but dressed up in such a costume, a woman or girl will not go unnoticed.

Since women’s sports suits are the basis for many fashionable images, they are worth talking about separately. This year, designers continue last year’s color and fashion trends, complementing them with new, creative elements.

Which sports suit are fashionable this spring and summer

Speaking about the style, it should be noted that equally stylish are kits made in the same color scheme and model, where the pants and jacket have different colors, and their belonging to the same costume indicates only the same decor.

Designers are expanding decorative options for sports equipment. Suits with unusual romantic decorations or elements in military style are becoming more and more fashionable. With the latter it is important not to overdo it so as not to look rough.

Very unusual decoration is considered fringe. In Vivaldi’s sports suit it is located along the chest line. For owners of a modest bust this model is good in that it emphasizes the natural roundness of their forms. At the same time, the blouse has a free cut, so it will perfectly hide possible flaws in the figure.

Extraordinarily stylish are midi-length pants. Sporty pants ending in centimeters 10-15 above the ankle give a lady’s silhouette a special elegance.

They are suitable for girls and women of any height and build. Those who want to make their legs slimmer visually should choose flat, not wide sports pants of shortened model.

It’s hard to think of a more practical solution for spring and summer time than a tracksuit. It will save you from a suddenly felt, fresh breeze and protect you from the evening coolness. At the same time, natural, “breathable” fabric allows the skin to breathe, so the suit will not be hot, even on a clear, warm day.

A huge variety of styles, colors and decorative solutions allows any representative of the fair sex to transform, dressed up in a comfortable, not constraining movements, set. In addition, things from the set can be worn individually, creating with them a variety of fashionable bows.